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Traveling West on: I-40/I-75 take sharp right onto Papermill Rd, toward Red Roof/LaQuinta Inn…

Traveling East on: I-40/I-75 immediately off highway, take the first left. At the light (Papermill Rd), go left under the highway toward the Red Roof/LaQuinta Inn…

…as you pass the Red Roof/LaQuinta Inn, traffic moves to the right creating a center left turn lane, take center left turn lane. Go left onto Coleman Rd. Go to the stop sign (Lonas Rd). Make right, proceed to the next street on left…

…turn left (Tonalea Road), pass Santala Road (on the right), Tonalea will make  a sharp right turn as it climbs the hill, on the right you will see the house (grey in the picture)


Our Lady of Sorrows Home Chapel


Intersection Across from Chapel

The picture above is from the end of the property, if you’ve reached here you should either be either parked on the front lawn, looking for a parking space in the intersection or on your way home.



You have several options:

Front Lawn – after putting in a gas line the local utility company never properly seeded the front lawn, so do not worry about parking there; however, go very slow when coming off the driveway onto the dirt since water runoff has made it a high drop. We are not responsible for mufflers, tailpipes, etc. …go slow and please pull forward for others who might be coming behind you. When you leave, most just slowly drive off the curb; however, we are not familiar with all vehicles, so be cautious.

Intersection – you will note there is a large intersection across from the property (see second picture above). You may park on the far side. Please be careful crossing the street, there is a rather large apartment complex about three blocks up the road and the young people sometimes can’t control themselves. We are not responsible… oh, you know the rest…be prepared to double time it.

Driveway – you may park down the driveway but please move to the far right but not off the pavement. You may park in the part of the lower driveway that goes down beyond the garages if you wish but getting out of the car is sometimes difficult, especially if you have low back or leg issues. Careful on the ‘natural stone’ path to the front entrance, if you enter by the front door.

N.B. After 9:50 AM sharp the front door is locked. Carefully follow the path to the driveway, down the driveway pass the garage and around the back of property to the third door…it is the second sliding glass door, it has a large “stained glass” cross on it.


Please enter quietly and reverently
since you are entering directly into the Nave
and Mass is most likely in process. 

4 thoughts on “Directions

    • Regrettably, due to recovery from a major health crisis, one of our priests is not able to celebrate daily Mass. Another of our priests often is able to celebrate daily Mass; however, due to his professional work schedule, it is not always at the same time. You may contact us at: with your contact information and we will try to help you get a more reliable schedule for daily Mass. We will keep you in our daily prayers, Thu and God bless you.

  1. What time is Mass on December 24 and December 25, 2017? I will be coming in from out of town, and will be staying at a nearby hotel. Please let me know as soon as possible so I can make other plans if needed.
    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Christmas Blessings!

    • Greetings, Anne!

      Thank you for leaving your question. The Mass of the Fourth Sunday of Advent (Vigil Mass of Christmas) will be celebrated at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning. The First (and only, due to health issues) Mass of Christmas Day will begin after carols which begin at 10:30 PM December 24th.
      We are a rather small Old Roman Catholic community. While Mass is always according to the Rite of Pope St. Pius V, commonly referred to as the Tridentine Rite, we are permitted to celebrate in English or Latin. I have provided my cell phone contact privately in an email reply. God bless you! Fr. David Fair

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