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It has been said, choosing the title of Our Lady of Sorrows seems rather negative; however, we retort that just isn’t so. Our Lady’s sorrow is rooted in her intense love for Her Son, and her witnessing the severe injustice wreaked upon Him in spite of His profound innocence. She grieves, and as Simeon prophesied of her in the Temple she “holds all these things in her heart”. Would that we each could hold in our hearts the same love, the same sorrow she experienced for our crucified Savior. We rejoice with Our Blessed Lady that the victory has been won!!!

Our Lady of Sorrows


Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel is a mission of the Old Roman Catholic Diocese of Tennessee.

A mission is characterized by its small size and limited resources. Parishes, unless the result of a planned split of a large parish, many times began as missions.

We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ consistent with the teaching of the ancient and historic church of Rome’s teaching prior to the innovations of the most recent vatican council (1962-1965). We use the Code of Canon law (1917)(except as it conflicts with our 1975 Rules and Constitutions). The venerable Tridentine liturgy is celebrated, we encourage Catholic spirituality and we profess the most recent proclamations of papal Infallibility, the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption.


St. Boniface by Cornelis Bloemaert

Apostolic Succession

Through the See of Utrecht, Holland and the Old Roman Catholic Church our clergy enjoy Apostolic Succession. Since approximately 1910 permission was granted by Church hierarchy for clergy to marry prior to ordination. Consequently, many of our clergy are married and have children. Hence, with families to support it is common for our clerics to hold secular occupations so as to lessen the financial burden to our parishioners.

Relationship With the Conciliar Church

While we recognize the universal jurisdiction of the Holy Father, it has not been clear how that relates to us in any functional way since the Vatican ceased communications with the Ancient See of Ulrecht in 1735 thereby establishing a parallel diocese. Therefore, in that regard, this part of the Church continues on sui juris as it has for the past two hundred and seventy plus years in one form or another.


Once again, due to our small size and limited resources, worship services take place in the rectory (priest’s residence) Chapel.

Our Chapel holds about 25 people. Holy Mass is celebrated in Latin most Sundays. When only rarely celebrated in English, the canon of the Mass is always in Latin. We use only the rite approved by His Holiness, Pope St. Pius V, often referred to as the Tridentine Rite or just the “Latin” Mass.

The new “mass”, referred to as the mass of Pope Paul VI or the Novus Ordo mass, is not used.


Holy Baptism – Receiving The Light of Christ        Eight years later, bottom picture on the right, on her First Holy Communion Day!


Fr. Fair celebrating Holy Mass on the Parish Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows


Full LG photoalbum to date 2209

First Holy Communicant with Friend 2014  –  She receives Holy Baptism top pic on left in 2006


After our move from Tonalea Rd in August 2020, we now celebrate Mass in the garage space of our new home. Above is a picture of our chapel. We are grateful!